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S.C. bishops to hear education concerns in Allendale

ALLENDALE—The Fellowship of South Carolina Bishops, which includes South Carolina’s United Methodist Resident Bishop L. Jonathan Holston, will hold a listening post in Allendale based on the bishops’ Public Education Initiative.

The post is set for Feb. 11 at 7 p.m. in the James Brandt Building Auditorium.

The Fellowship of South Carolina Bishops supports flourishing public education for all children in South Carolina. The bishops want to know the concerns and hopes for education as voiced by the people of Allendale. Their goal is to encourage people of faith to take part in building the best education system possible for Allendale

The Fellowship of South Carolina Bishops is made up of bishops from the A.M.E, A.M.E Zion, C.M.E, Episcopal, Lutheran, Roman Catholic and United Methodist churches in South Carolina.

For more information on the listening post: or 803-771-7800, ext. 108.

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