5 Tips for a Memorable Youth Retreat


Youth group retreats are an opportunity for students to explore new locations, make new friends and grow closer to God. But how do you make the experiences stand out, and what elements of a youth retreat have the most impact on kids? We share some ideas to help you make memorable moments in youth ministry!

Plan recreational activities

Some experiences seem once-in-a-lifetime regardless of how many times you actually do them. For a winter youth retreat, consider staying in a place with access to skiing, snowboarding or snow tubing. Ziplining can be another fun winter activity.

Get into mission workYouth_6473

Touching someone else’s life is a great way to touch your own. Whether your youth opt to paint trim or pack meals for people in need across the globe, youth retreats with mission components have the opportunity to positively affect others quality of life is an experience youth will cherish.

Keep worship time sacred

Music can make a big difference in a worship service. Music can lift our spirits and help us commune with God. Worshiping in a group of youth from around the country, singing and praising, creates a powerful image to return to again and again. Bands like The Advice are fan favorites with youth.

Make them think

Everyone can remember a lyric or author who inspired them. While there’s no greater author than God, it’s the job of the speaker to interpret and illuminate his work in a way that sticks with youth. The speaker should be experienced, knowledgeable and have a gift for making tough concepts easy to understand.

Nature firstYouth_5771

If you’re distracted, amazing opportunities can pass you by. Take your youth somewhere where the basics like food and lodging are taken care of so that they have time to explore their surroundings. Natural beauty in the form of mountains, lakes, waterfalls, flowers, etc. can be extremely memorable when seen on a full stomach and in a new context.


Creating memories is more than just the photos that come out of events – it’s about living in the moment so that the sights, sounds, and feelings that made it up are imprinted on our hearts and minds. There’s something inherently holy about moments that make us stop in our tracks and break us out of our routines. Those moments are all but guaranteed at Lake Junaluska Winter Youth Events.

Choose from five pre-planned weekend packages that include worship, music, meals, lodging and acclaimed speakers in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. Or customize your own package using the expansive Lake Junaluska facilities and discounted skiing packages and ziplining packages. To find out more about Lake Junaluska’s Winter Youth Retreats, visit www.lakejunaluska.com/winteryouth or call 800-222-4930.


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