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The South Carolina United Methodist Advocate is the award-winning newspaper of the quarter-million United Methodists living in South Carolina. It has been in continuous publication since 1837.

The monthly tabloid is printed on a hi-brite stock to ensure your advertising is vibrant.

All advertising is only $15 per column inch for DISPLAY and CLASSIFIED – a fraction of the rates usually charged by similar-sized newspapers! For example: a full-page advertisement, 4 cols. by 15-1/2,& is $930. A half-page ad is $465; a quarter-page, $232.50.

  • Four-color charges are an additional $200.
  • One spot color is $50 additional.
  • In addition to our already low rates, we offer a 15% discount after a customer accrues a $1,500 in advertising per calendar year.
  • A late fee of 5 percent of the outstanding balance will be charged after 60 days.
  • Back page guaranteed, add $100, plus any charges for spot-color or four-color.

Technical Information:

  • Inside pages are four columns wide; classifieds are three columns wide (which are 3-1/4& wide).
  • Vertical maximum is 15-1/2&. Ads 14& or more will be billed at 15-1/2& costs.
  • One-column width is 2-3/8&;
  • Two-column width is 5-1/16&;
  • Three-column width is 7-5/8&;
  • Four-column width is 10-5/16&.

Advertising acceptance:

  • The Advocate can accept advertisements from most companies or groups.
  • The editor and publishers reserve the right to refuse advertisements that do not meet standards or guidelines as stated in Advocate policy or that would go against United Methodist church policies/principles, i.e., alcohol, cigarette and gambling ads. The publication does not permit paid political candidate/issue advertisements.

Tear sheets are provided to advertisers upon request.

Ad Rates


The Advocate is published in time to be home-delivered to members of more than 1,000 United Methodist churches on or before the first of the month.

The deadline for camera-ready advertisements is the 10th of the month for the following month's issue, with the exception of the Conference/July issue which must be in house by May 26. Copy and any art for advertisements that are to be designed by the Advocate staff must be in house by the 8 th of the month in order to run in the following month's issue.

For further information:

Contact Allison Trussell at 803.786.9486; 888.678.6272; or by e-mail at .

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