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The children of John Wesley

By Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor. Recently, I have become more aware of the enormous impact of this Methodist movement begun by John Wesley.

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Being fruitful

By Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor. Have you been enjoying the wonderful peaches we have in South Carolina this summer?

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News July 27, 2011 posted by

God’s Kitchen feeds hungry bodies, souls

By Jessica Connor. It’s said she rules the church food bank with an iron fist. “A tough girl,” her pastor calls her. But Gladys Edge’s eyes tell a different story, gleaming with emotion as she recounts the woman with cancer trying to feed seven grandkids after their mother was killed; the man with a criminal record and six mouths to feed who can’t get government help because of his shaky past; the woman with an armor of “attitude” to hide her shame and fear about having to beg for a meal. “She would’ve starved if not for Murray Church,” Edge said.

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Servanthood at its best

By Jessica Connor. I sat there on the wet summer grass, cradling the 10-year-old girl on my lap as she roared in pain. “My arm! It hurts! Oh, it hurts!” she hollered, panting and shaking, before shivering her way into the fetal position as I tried my hardest to hold her right arm straight. All around me, concerned neighbors crouched, our eyes locking.

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News June 21, 2011 posted by

Kersey: Faith can move mountains—and the UMC

By Jessica Connor. Why can’t we be the kind of United Methodist Church that God calls us to be? Reach young people and the unchurched? Speak in one voice as a denomination? See the growth and transformation that John Wesley saw in early Methodism? Perhaps, said the Rev. Jeff Kersey, our answer can be found in our faith – or lack of it.

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News June 17, 2011 posted by

The time has come: Thirty-one souls commissioned, ordained

By Jessica Connor. Praising the glorious power of the Holy Spirit that came as a great wind during the first Day of Pentecost, Bishop Mary Virginia Taylor led an ordination service that commissioned and ordained 31 people as provisional or full deacons and elders in the United Methodist Church.

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Making possible the impossible

By Jessica Connor. Over and over again, sitting at the press table at Annual Conference, I heard pastor after pastor stand up and remind the body about the importance of faith in our walk as Christians.

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