Called By God

30 Inspiring Call Stories from South Carolina United Methodists




Their stories are so different, yet each one poignant, intimate, and surprisingly similar—God called. And one by one, each of the men and women in this book answered: Yes, God, I will be your minister.

Sometimes their answer came immediately, and other times it came after half a lifetime spent running in the opposite direction. Sometimes God spoke through a whisper, another person, or a series of mysterious, painstaking, against-all-odds circumstances. But whatever way the call came, God met each one of these people and called them to the ministry, and they said yes.

In this collection of call stories, edited by Advocate editor Jessica Brodie, 30 men and women of different ages, races, and genders share about their own invitation to ministry and what it took for them to agree. These earnest, sometimes funny stories of God at work in the lives of ordinary people will inspire you and help you consider your own call to serve God.

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