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Bishop's Corner November 27, 2013 posted by

The wonder of it all

By Bishop Jonathan Holston. The point of the whole Christmas message is that what we do with our lives matters to Jesus. Christmas is all about Jesus coming to be with us. It is about Immanuel, God with us, looking on! In fact, we can look and see the image of God in Jesus.

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Bishop's Corner September 25, 2013 posted by

Being neighborly

By Bishop Jonathan Holston. An anonymous writer penned these words titled A Collection of Attitudes, referencing the parable of the Good Samaritan, saying: To the expert in the law, the wounded man was a subject to discuss; To the robbers, the wounded man was someone to use and exploit; To the religious men, the wounded man was a problem to be avoided; To the innkeeper, the wounded man was a customer to serve for a fee; To the Samaritan, the wounded man was a human being worth being cared for and loved; To Jesus, all of them and all of us were worth dying for. 

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Bishop's Corner August 27, 2013 posted by

How do you spell relief?

By Bishop Jonathan Holston. Every weekday morning, it was the local radio station blaring from my parent’s room. The disc jockey, H. Randolph Holder, would recite his signature closing, Smile until 10 o’clock, and the rest of the day will take care of itself.

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Bishop's Corner June 18, 2013 posted by

A more excellent way

By Bishop Jonathan Holston. Ron Walters, the vice president of church relations for Salem Media of Georgia Inc. shared this story about Baseball Hall of Famer Mickey Mantle, saying, “Few ballplayers have ever played the game as Mickey Mantle did. He launched home runs like missiles.”

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Bishop's Corner March 26, 2013 posted by

One shining moment

By Bishop Jonathan Holston. The question of what teams are in or out, who will be the bracket buster or who is in the field of sixty-eight all describe the NCAA basketball post-season called March Madness.  The culmination of this event is the crowning of a champion and its anticipated anthem of college basketball: One Shining Moment. 

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Bishop's Corner September 24, 2012 posted by

A fresh start

By Bishop Jonathan Holston. There is nothing more spectacular than something new. It signals to all something fresh, original or different than before: new clothes, new school year, new teachers, new outlook, a new start.

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