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Bishop's Corner March 24, 2014 posted by

Who could ask for anything more?

By Bishop Holston. Most days I seem to get bogged down in the busyness and irritations of life. Often I am reminded of the quote that says, “Make sure that we never get too busy with life that we don’t have time to live.” Yet it is so easy to waste time fretting over things that are not important.

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Who could ask for anything more?
Editor's Views February 25, 2014 posted by

One million books and you

By Jessica Connor. I’m a bookworm. I started reading when I was a precocious 2-year-old, and today I count books among my most prized possessions. When I’m not reading, I’m writing. Books take me to other places, other ages and sometimes other planets. They were my escape as a child, my ticket to a bright and limitless future.

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One million books and you
Editor's Views January 27, 2014 posted by

‘He must be a Christian, Mommy’

By Jessica Connor. As the mother of two young children, ages 6 and 8, I try hard to make sure they are steeped in strong faith. I bring them to church, pray with them a few times a day, say blessings at meals, the usual. When hard times arise, such as when my son had a brief bout with a bully on the bus, they become good opportunities to show how God is always with us, walking beside us even when we can’t see him.

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Bishop's Corner January 27, 2014 posted by

You must not shine alone

By Bishop Jonathan Holston. Karlton was young, bright, strong and smart. He was also away from home for the first time facing opportunities he had worked hard to achieve. He was acutely aware he would need to be at his very best from day one.

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Views January 10, 2014 posted by

On trial: The United Methodist Church and dissenters

By the Rev. Keith D. Ray II. My beloved United Methodist Church is in the news quite a lot these days. CNN, MSBNC, FOX News, USA Today. We are everywhere. Sadly, it’s not because of our relief efforts in the Philippines, or the growth of our church amongst Millennials. We are in the news because of our church trials.

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Editor's Views December 23, 2013 posted by

Voices of poverty: life on the margins

By Jessica Connor. When our eyes are opened, we can see them clearly: our friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters on the fringes of life. Sometimes they don’t have enough to eat. Sometimes they don’t have a home of their own and stay with family members or live out of their car. Or in a shelter. Or on a park bench. Whatever they can do to survive and get by until they can catch a break.

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Bishop's Corner November 27, 2013 posted by

The wonder of it all

By Bishop Jonathan Holston. The point of the whole Christmas message is that what we do with our lives matters to Jesus. Christmas is all about Jesus coming to be with us. It is about Immanuel, God with us, looking on! In fact, we can look and see the image of God in Jesus.

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Editor's Views November 27, 2013 posted by

A celebration of Christ

By Jessica Connor. It’s hard to keep things holy when every store you enter breaks out the tinsel and the plastic Santas before Halloween is even over; when you get gift-shopping sale ads that rival the size of small magazines day after day in your mailbox. Popular Advent ministries like the Angel Tree or Operation Christmas Child get popped right into the mix like items on a to-do list.

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Editor's Views October 23, 2013 posted by

Holy moments

By Jessica Connor. There we were—my mom, sister, hospital chaplain and I—gathered in a loose circle around my grandmother’s hospital bed. Gram is elderly and already struggles with Alzheimer’s and respiratory issues, but she’d just been dealt a double whammy: a stroke and congestive heart failure.

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Editor's Views September 25, 2013 posted by

Fear factor

By Jessica Connor. Fear is a powerful motivator. It can be used for good purposes by kicking in survival mechanisms (a healthy fear of lightning might keep you safely inside during dangerous storms, while a fear of getting burned keeps your hand out of the flame). But fear can also be used in negative, harmful ways, resulting in the oppression, alienation and victimization of other human beings usually because they are different. 

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Bishop's Corner September 25, 2013 posted by

Being neighborly

By Bishop Jonathan Holston. An anonymous writer penned these words titled A Collection of Attitudes, referencing the parable of the Good Samaritan, saying: To the expert in the law, the wounded man was a subject to discuss; To the robbers, the wounded man was someone to use and exploit; To the religious men, the wounded man was a problem to be avoided; To the innkeeper, the wounded man was a customer to serve for a fee; To the Samaritan, the wounded man was a human being worth being cared for and loved; To Jesus, all of them and all of us were worth dying for. 

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