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You might not be aware that the Advocate is an independent newspaper published by a board of trustees. This independent status gives us journalistic and editorial freedom, which is a responsibility we carry with honor and humility. It gives us the ability to operate fully led by the Lord and to offer what we hope are balanced, authentic perspectives from our readers and our editorial team. While we receive apportionment funding from the South Carolina Conference, the conference’s support covers less than half our operating budget. The rest of our income comes from subscriptions, ads and donations, both from businesses and from individual readers like you.

In times like now, your support is needed and gratefully appreciated.

At 183 years old, the Advocate is currently the oldest newspaper in Methodism and one of a very small number of still-thriving print publications (let alone an independent one!). The mission of the Advocate is to inform and connect South Carolina United Methodists by independently reporting relevant news, engaging readers, providing a forum for dialogue and sharing the Gospel of Christ.

We hope you will consider a tax-deductible donation to help the 501(c)3 Advocate newspaper ministry continue our work for God. Your support is truly appreciated.

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