More like Jesus: A Devotional Journey

Forty Days of Self-Reflection as We Strive to be Followers of Christ

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Jesus’s words and actions in the years He spent on earth spell out critically important things. Foremost is that God is our utmost priority, and everything we are, do, and have is because of Him and from Him.

But the second priority is to love others—and Jesus showed we can do that in a number of key ways. Love transcends emotion. Love is a verb. And loving others is how we can demonstrate our love for God.

The South Carolina United Methodist Advocate is the oldest continuously published newspaper in Methodism, but it is more than a religious newspaper, more than a publication informing about the happenings in churches across one Southern state in one corner of the world. It is a monthly illumination of the ways Christians are living the Gospel today. It’s a history lesson and a diary, a tangible narrative of God’s truth exhibited in the ministries, people, and projects highlighted in the articles within. The stories told in the Advocate highlight the ways United Methodists across South Carolina are doing their part to be the hands and feet of Christ, to love God first and love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves.

In this devotional, written by author and award-winning journalist Jessica Brodie, stories from the pages of the Advocate are teamed with words Jesus himself said, or inspired directly by what Jesus modeled and encouraged. By looking at these stories alongside passages in Scripture, we can have an example of what it looks like to be a modern-day Christ-follower.


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