Preaching in the Midst Of: How Black Preaching Has Changed in the COVID-19 Pandemic

New book by UMCSC pastor Rev. Amiri Hooker




United Methodist elder the Rev. Amiri B. Hooker has authored “Preaching in the Midst Of: How Black Preaching Has Changed in the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Hooker wrote the book while he was sick with COVID-19, pulling together his notes on preaching and how it has changed in the midst of the fear, uncertainty, new technological challenges and ever-changing scope of the church today.

This groundbreaking book explores the innovative and Spirit-filled ways Black preachers are bringing Jesus and justice to the people. A fierce challenge to rise up and embrace prophetic, transformative preaching, it draws from a rich blend of hip hop artists, theologians and other intellectuals as it guides readers toward a new paradigm for bringing the gospel message with relevance, authority and truth.

NEW: Free study guide available to be used with the book. DOWNLOAD HERE.

“The book is really God’s writing,” Hooker said. “To be a functional dyslexic who suffers with dysgraphia, I am just glad God led me back down the mountain without slamming his commands and breaking his tablets. There were times in my life I didn’t think I would ever be able to read, and now the idea that God is using me to spread a vision of preaching for future is a dream come true.”

Jessica Brodie, the book’s editor who produced the book with the Advocate Press team, said “Preaching in the Midst Of” is both extraordinarily well-written and a compelling read filled with much wisdom. “I found myself convicted over and over again,” Brodie said. “We believe this is a must-read.”

Hooker has been an ordained elder in the UMC for two decades in South Carolina. He is active with a number of groups including the Advocacy Ministry Team and Racial Reconciliation Design Team for the UMCSC, South Carolina Christian Action Council, National African American Ministers Leadership Council, Poor People’s Campaign, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and Black Methodists for Church Renewal. Harry Singleton III, author and Professor of Theology at Benedict College, wrote the foreword to the book, calling it a “life-changing read.”

“For any minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ looking for a measuring stick with which to determine the effectiveness of their ministry/preaching, this book is it,” Singleton said.

“Preaching in the Midst Of” is available as a paperback ($15) and an eBook ($5).

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