‘Preaching in the Midst Of’ Bible Study Guidebook

The Rev. Amiri B. Hooker has penned a new companion book discussion and Bible study designed to go with his recent published book, “Preaching in the Midst Of: How Black Preaching Has Changed in the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

The companion discussion/study is available for free: DOWNLOAD HERE.

It is designed to work with the book, which was released this spring from the Advocate Press and is on sale here as a paperback ($15) and ebook ($5).

The book was part of this summer’s Granville Hicks Leadership Academy, hosted online with book discussions led by Hooker.

Hooker led discussions on “Preaching in the Midst Of,” as well as three others over the course of four months.

“I thought a companion book discussion and Bible study would help my church better understand the book and its concepts, and then I realized it could help all readers, so I decided to offer it for free,” Hooker said.


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