More Stories of Racial Awakening: Narratives of Changed Hearts and Lives from South Carolina United Methodists

Part 2 of Racial Narratives Anthology




In light of the ongoing racial justice issues in this state, nation and world, the Advocate Press has released a part two of its popular racial narratives anthology. The book includes a foreword written by South Carolina United Methodist Resident Bishop L. Jonathan Holston, and it is edited with an introduction by Advocate Editor Jessica Brodie. The book gathers narratives from South Carolina United Methodists about how their perspective on race have changed. Sometimes raw and vulnerable, sometimes uplifting and a testimony to Christian unity and sometimes deeply painful, the 24 stories in this collection help shine light into the darkness that is racism—and how we can all strive together for change. The book also contains discussion questions to help facilitate a talk or time of sharing about race with your church, small group or Bible study class.

It is a follow-up book to the first collection, “Stories of Racial Awakening,” published in 2017.

“As followers of Christ, we have a sacred calling to lead our communities in tearing down the walls that divide us and to engage in ministries of reconciliation. The walls crumble when we begin to see and hear beyond our own experience—when we make a concerted effort to learn each other’s stories,” Holston writes in his foreword. “Listen with authenticity to the stories that are shared in this book, and then invite someone to reflect with you on what you have learned. Act with intentionality to hear the truth of history and heritage from all sides of the discussion. It is an uncomfortable journey, but as people of faith we trust that it will lead us to God’s own truth.”

It is available as a paperback and ebook.

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