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Sellers blitz: ‘I thank God for y’all’

For Allen James, the scores of people who descended upon his town armed with hammers, crowbars and chainsaws were “like the star over Bethlehem.” “It was just a total faith lift, a joy to know that someone thought enough to come and help us,” said James, whose Sellers home was devastated both from October’s Hurricane Matthew and the October 2015 flood. The tiny town of Sellers, already a poverty-stricken area before the hurricane, was badly impacted after two storm-swamped rivers overflowed and flooded the region. But after a Jan. 13-14 hurricane blitz organized by the South Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church, many of those homeowners are on the road to recovery. By Jessica Brodie.

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Sellers blitz: ‘I thank God for y’all’

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