Walk With Me: Your Spiritual Esteem Journey

By Rev. Cathy Joens and Toni Taylor

Where is your spiritual esteem?

Cathy Joens and Toni Taylor take you on a journey to learn what holds you back from sharing your faith confidently and what keeps you from stepping out of the boat to lead.

As holy friends, Cathy and Toni explore spiritual esteem, what tears it down, and why it matters. They walk with you as you discover a deeper, more authentic relationship with God, self, and others.

Spiritual esteem is the confidence to absolutely, with conviction, without a doubt, believe in who you are—the same way God believes in you. It gives you the courage to rise above yourself for the sake of others and the Gospel. In this timely and much-needed book, Walk With Me provides you a new faith lens to look inside yourself, love who you are, and share your faith with passion.

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“Your guidebook to confidently step out on faith to lead. Each chapter includes powerful questions for readers to study and discover a deeper relationship with God and themselves. It is encouraging and lifts up your spiritual esteem to rise above obstacles with resilience and fortitude. Walk With Me provides a trusted, new view to look inside yourself with confidence on your faithful journey that will spiritually energize you.”  —Gloria Sloan, certified life coach and author of Abundant Faith: Secrets to Plenty Traveling on Life’s Journey, and Life Skills for the Journey

About the authors:

Toni Roberts Taylor, MEd., EdS,, PCC, is a Christian leadership coach and the owner of Coaching Pathway, LLC. Toni combines more than 18 years of leadership and transition coaching for small businesses, education, and the nonprofit world. She specializes in transformational coaching 1:1 and with teams. Toni’s mission is to support people and organizations to reach their full potential. In addition to earning her professional certified coach credential from the International Coaching Federation, Toni has earned graduate degrees in education, technology, and leadership. Toni and her husband, David, live in Fort Mill, South Carolina. They have five boys and four grandchildren who live in Greenville, South Carolina. Toni loves an adventure and looks for opportunities in her free time to hike, ride her bicycle, kayak, and put her stand-up paddleboard on the water.

The Rev. Cathy L. Woodcock Joens, an ordained deacon, has served in The United Methodist Church for 36 years. She has served in the local church as a Christian educator and in the annual conference as a congregational minister and said it has been a joy to walk alongside other clergy and laity as they seek to be faithful to God. Cathy has had a constant and clear call to help people and churches to grow in and be successful in fulfilling the different calls God has on each person’s life, and she experiences God best through Bible study, journaling, hiking, and holy friends. She is blessed to share life with her husband, Greg Joens, and their daughter, Mary Chapin, and her husband, Duncan, noting they each pour into her love and affirmation. Toni, her holy friend, has been a constant source of encouragement, adventure, and wisdom in her life. Cathy said writing this book together has been a wonderful adventure, a creative challenge, and an act of obedience. Her prayer is that each person who reads this may find something they can relate to and something that encourages their spiritual esteem.

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