SEJ 2022: Dease elected bishop, Holston to stay till 2024

It’s official: South Carolina will keep Bishop L. Jonathan Holston as its episcopal leader through 2024, and South Carolina’s Dr. Robin Dease has been elected as one of three new bishops for the denomination. By Jessica Brodie.

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Two S.C. ERT teams help in Florida after Ian

Two South Carolina teams headed to Florida in November to do their part helping in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian. South Carolina United Methodist Volunteers in Mission Early Response Teams sent Team Alpha Nov. 6-13 to the Fort Myers, Florida, area. Team Bravo responded from Nov. 13-18. By Billy Robinson.


Conference at 66 percent in apportionments as of Oct. 31

Conference Treasurer Beth Westbury has set a goal of collecting 93 percent of the $16.7 million total budget. As of Oct. 31, the conference was at 66 percent. That means churches have a little beyond the end of the year to pay 27 percent more in order to meet that goal. By Lillian D. Williams.

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Lasting effects

I’m heartened by a bit of seemingly small news that occurred at the conference: the creation of a task force to study the impact of racial bias in the episcopal nomination and election process. By Jessica Brodie.


Where there is breath, there is hope

Felecia and I were honored and humbled to receive our assignment from the SEJ Committee on Episcopacy to continue serving in the South Carolina Conference (Columbia Area). We feel blessed to be assigned “back home again” and to continue our efforts to dream God-sized visions with the laity and clergy across this wonderful state. By Bishop L. Jonathan Holston


Healing in the revealing

It does not make a person “weak” to have mental illness, emotional disorders or physical ailments. Sometimes it takes naming the issue and bringing it to light to drive out the darkness. Other times that is just the beginning. By Jessica Brodie.

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