Bringing the outdoors in

Asbury Hills launches plans for new worship building in South Carolina's Upstate. By Jessica Brodie.

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New era for church and Boy Scouts of America

The United Methodist Church will continue to partner with the Boy Scouts of America but in a new relationship that should lighten the load for local churches. That’s a message that denomination leaders are working to get across after a difficult two years that has included the BSA’s child sex abuse-related bankruptcy proceeding and the pandemic. By Sam Hodges.

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'Get over yourself'

My sister, a school counselor in North Carolina, shared a teaching podcast-video with me that dives into the extraordinarily difficult realities experienced by those who teach in public schools today. A column by Advocate Editor Jessica Brodie.


Learning to grow

There are many good reasons to prefer artificial flowers to natural ones. The best ones look incredibly lifelike. Even after months in a vase, they are always in full bloom; the leaves never grow limp. A column by Bishop L. Jonathan Holston.



Compared to what the first Christians experienced, the sacrifices we pay today are pale, but they are sacrifices nonetheless. They hurt, and they even hurt others. They require choices. Tough decisions. By Jessica Brodie.

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Betrayed With a Kiss

The story of how one S.C. United Methodist pastor, the Chrisie Reeves-Pendergrass, found God and spiritual transformation out of the heartbreak and trauma of an abusive marriage and other mental anguish.

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