Methodism’s oldest newspaper is a book publisher, too. In late 2017, the South Carolina United Methodist Advocate launched the Advocate Press, a small publishing arm that produces nonfiction books and devotionals. To date it has produced a dozen books and has several more slated for release this year (available in paperback and eBook). You can explore and purchase the titles below; some also available on Amazon. The mission of the Advocate Press is to produce books of interest to South Carolina United Methodists on matters of faith and to amplify regional voices and those that advocate for the advancement of the kingdom of God.

Eyes For Haiti

The story of the Eye Clinic at the Methodist Project at Gebeau in Jérémie, Haiti, as told by ophthalmologist Dr. Hal H. Crosswell Jr.

What I Want My Kids (And Me) To Know

A lunchbox napkin project with the Rev. Tyler Strange's daughter has been turned into a book of 45 “napkin thoughts” to help everyone discover new ways to become better humans.

Laughing All The Way To Heaven

The Rev. Dr. Kim Strong offers humorous stories from his pastor’s life, from his first years finding his footing in a small rural church to his retirement years, often spent on his Harley-Davidson.

Seriously Seeking God: A Four-Week Study On Contemplating The Parables

In this four-week study, Suzan Phillips takes readers deep into the parables in order to hear what new thing Jesus is saying.

My Banned Black History Sermons

United Methodist pastor the Rev. Amiri Hooker offers a collection of his banned Black history sermons, lifting up relevant theologies of the post COVID-19 world that reflect a different perspective on the gospel.

Aldersgate Special Needs Ministry

The story of the first twenty years of this thriving ministry, which helps men and women with developmental disabilities find residential solutions in Christian homes where they can enjoy the highest quality of life and greatest level of independence.

Herbert The Hippo In The Moment (Book 2)

In this second children’s book from the Advocate Press, journey along with Herbert the Hippo as he explores what it looks like to live fully in the moment.

Darkness To Light: Finding Jesus In The Valley Of Mental Illness

The fourteen personal stories in this slim book offer a look at the mental health journeys of a number of people, sharing in many cases how faith helped them on their road to wellness.

Herbert The Hippo

Introducing the Advocate Press’s very first children’s book, Herbert the Hippo, authored by the Rev. Meg Sweeney Cook.

People Of My Journey

For United Methodist pastor Arthur Holt, his life has been all about people—his family, friends, and the members of the churches he was appointed to as pastor over four decades in the ministry. In his second book of reflections, Holt shares about the people of his journey and how they impacted him, steering him ever-closer to Christ, love, and the transformative power of grace in our lives.

A Healing Journey: Poems Of Faith, Healing, Recovery, And Coping With Grief

In his second collection of faith-based poetry, Stephon Void reflects on his journey of healing as he navigates life as a patient, caregiver, son, and follower of Christ. Many of the poems reflect the pain he wrestled with as his father battled terminal cancer, as well as the peace he ultimately achieved.

Prayer Changes Us

Many of us are accustomed to hearing how prayer changes God’s mind or life’s circumstances. But what about how prayer changes us? The Rev. Dr. Ted Goshorn teaches how we can learn to better understand the heart of God through deep, focused, habitual prayer that changes us.

The Sacred Year

The Rev. Dr. Lyn Pace explores how the Christian liturgical calendar can be another way for us to keep time—sacred time. Combining the major seasons of the liturgical year with contemplative practices that connect to that season, Lyn invites you to discover a new way to look at time that helps you live with deeper intention and connection.

Betrayed With A Kiss

The story of how one S.C. United Methodist pastor, the Chrisie Reeves-Pendergrass, found God and spiritual transformation out of the heartbreak and trauma of an abusive marriage and other mental anguish.

Who Am I? A Devotional For A Jesus-Centered School Year

A student devotional that follows the school year from August through May. Designed for students from sixth to 12th grade.

From My Heart To Your Eyes: Poems Of Faith And Social Justice

A collection of poems on faith and justice from one man’s experiences as a minority in America, how it feels to be marginalized by fellow believers, and how his relationship with Jesus keeps him strong.

Walk With Me: Your Spiritual Esteem Journey

Explore spiritual esteem, what tears it down, and why it matters. Discover a deeper, more authentic relationship with God, self, and others.

Faith In Action: Stories Of Salkehatchie Summer Service

A collection of stories by those who offered their blood, sweat, and tears for Salkehatchie Summer Service.

What I Have Come To Believe

Rev. Arthur H. Holt explores his theology, reflecting on everything from abortion, science, sexuality, and the End Times to sin, the spirit, and the Bible.

More Stories Of Racial Awakening

The 24 stories in this collection, penned by South Carolina United Methodist clergy and laity of all races and ages, help shine light into the darkness that is racism and how we can all strive together for change.

Preaching In The Midst Of

Rev. Amiri Hooker explores the innovative and Spirit-filled ways Black preachers are bringing Jesus and justice to the people in the midst of a tri-pandemic of disease, racism and poverty.

Called By God

In this collection of call stories, 30 men and women of different ages, races, and genders share about their own invitation to ministry and what it took for them to agree to serve God as a minister.

What Would Granny Say?

Rev. Tony Rowell offers a collection of 79 essays sharing stories of the Lord at work while including plenty of Granny's wisdom that helped him along the way.

Feed My Sheep

A 40-day devotional that lifts up the hunger ministry efforts of United Methodists in South Carolina and that glorifies the message in John 21:15-17 to care for others.

More Like Jesus: A Devotional Journey

In this 40-day devotional, Jesus’s words and actions in Scripture are teamed with articles from the South Carolina United Methodist Advocate showcasing what it looks like to be a real-life, modern-day Christ-follower.

Stories Of Racial Awakening

A collection of deeply personal racial awakening narratives written by South Carolina United Methodist clergy and laity.

In The World, Not Of The World

An award-winning book covering the 175-year history of the celebrated newspaper ministry of the Advocate.

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