What I Want My Kids (and Me) to Know

Building Better Humans One Napkin at a Time

Rev. Tyler Strange

A napkin a day.

On his daughter’s first day of second grade, South Carolina United Methodist pastor the Reverend Tyler Strange had an idea—write an encouraging, thoughtful note on a napkin and tuck it into her lunchbox.

His daughter loved it, and the “lunchbox napkin” soon became an invitation to inspire one another to be better humans.

In addition to the napkins, Tyler began to write daily reflections for adults geared around similar themes of that day’s napkin. Soon, the napkins began to meet adults in the tensions of their lives. His friends also began using the napkins to serve the children in their lives.

Now, his lunchbox project has been turned into a book of forty-five “napkin thoughts” to help everyone discover new ways to become better humans.

Take a napkin journey with Tyler and see how you, too, can embrace a future of hope, whimsy, and much-needed dialogue.

All because of a napkin.

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