Board of Trustees

The Advocate is governed by a board of trustees, an equal mix of clergy and laity, who serve as the official newspaper publisher. Board members serve four-year terms and are eligible to serve two terms.

2021-2022 members:

  • Dr. Christopher Greene, chairperson

  • Enid Jenkins, vice chairperson

  • David Bryant, treasurer

  • Creg Smith, secretary

  • Linda DuRant

  • Rev. Sh’Kur Francis

  • Rev. Sharon Spann Gamble

  • Rev. Michael Henderson

  • Dr. Sheila Elliott Hodge

  • Glen Levine

  • Rev. Karen Radcliffe

  • Rev. Chrisie Reeves-Pendergrass

  • Licita Rogers

  • Selena Ruth Smith

  • Michelle Sturzenbecker

  • Ex officio: Rev. Millie Nelson Smith, Rev. Cameron Levi

  • Editors emeritus: Maryneal Jones, Willie S. Teague, Allison Askins, Karl F. Davie Burgdorf, Emily L. Cooper

Are YOU interested in serving on the Advocate’s Board of Trustees? Contact us today and let us know of your interest:

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