Darkness to Light: Finding Jesus in the Valley of Mental Illness

Compiled by Advocate Editor Jessica Brodie

Mental illness can be debilitating and often isolating. Many times, those struggling with anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, and other mental and emotional disorders feel like they are walking alone, which often exacerbates the issues they battle daily.

But for many people, faith has played a major role in their healing journey. This is not to say trained counselors, psychiatric medication, and other treatments don’t help. But encountering Jesus—sometimes on their knees in prayer and sometimes in the form of another authentic and loving Christian walking beside them—can bring tremendous comfort, peace, and hope like nothing else.

The fourteen stories in Darkness to Light: Finding Jesus in the Valley of Mental Illness offer a look at the personal mental health journeys of a number of people, sharing in many cases how faith helped them on their road to wellness.

Whether you are struggling with your own mental and emotional health or you are supporting someone who is, we hope these stories will be a source of inspiration.

Together, we can journey from darkness to light … the light of Christ.

Stories by:

  • Kelly Black
  • Bill Barnier
  • David Bryant
  • Avery Connor
  • Penelope Wesley
  • The Rev. John Jordan
  • The Rev. John Culp
  • The Rev. Sheera Yates
  • Juliette
  • Linda Kidd
  • The Rev. Elizabeth Sullivan
  • Erica Whitt
  • The Rev. Jamie McDowell
  • The Rev. Charles Wilbanks

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