Prayer Changes Us

By the Rev. Dr. Ted Goshorn

Many of us are accustomed to hearing how prayer changes God’s mind or life’s circumstances. But what about how prayer changes us?

Answering that question forms the nexus of Ted Goshorn’s book, Prayer Changes Us. Through the chapters, Ted takes readers on a journey of self-discovery, finding the transformative impact of regular prayer practice and teaching how to incorporate prayer into the rhythms of life. Part One addresses how to pray, expanding the scope to include styles of prayer like repetition and praying scripture. Part Two focuses on the impact of prayer on the soul, exploring the ways prayer makes us better disciples and brings us deeper in relationship with God.

The book includes helpful resources on establishing a rhythm of prayer, including descriptions and how-to guides on types of prayer, Methodism founder John Wesley’s self-examination questions, and daily guides for praying the Psalms or all of scripture throughout the year.

In this book, the Rev. Dr. Ted Goshorn teaches how we can better understand the heart of God through deep, focused, habitual prayer that changes us.

Ted is an ordained United Methodist elder in the South Georgia Annual Conference. Since June 2022, he has served Mulberry Street United Methodist Church in Macon, Georgia, the mother church of Georgia Methodism.

Praise for Prayer Changes Us:

“Rev. Ted Goshorn’s book is more than words on a page but draws us to practical ways to pray in these days. As you turn the pages of this book, you hear from Ted’s humble heart that reminded me of how prayer has not only changed my life but formed it. We live in a world filled with so much noise that distracts and divides us. Ted reminds us that relationships are every- thing. His reflections highlight that home is where the heart is. Through prayer, our relation- ship with God is not only deepened, but we experience the heart of God. A must-read for all United Methodists as we go through these challenging times.”—David Graves, resident bishop Alabama-West Florida and South Georgia UMC conferences

“If you've ever wondered if your prayer life could be more, then you've found the right book. An insightful and delightfully written book, weaving our prayer life through the Scriptures.”—The Rev. H. Craig Hutto, North Central District Superintendent, South Georgia Conference

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