Seriously Seeking God

By Suzan Philllips

Uncovering new truths through the parables

Many Christians are extremely familiar with the parables in scripture—stories Jesus used to illuminate crucial and sometimes complex truths about the kingdom of God. But because they are so well known to us, we often take them for granted and believe we have nothing more to learn from them.

Yet God has so much to teach us, even today. In this four-week study, Suzan Phillips takes readers deep into the parables in order to hear what new thing Jesus is saying through the parables of the sower, the wedding banquet, the tenants, and the lost (prodigal) son. Out of a contention that God speaks because God is present and active with us in this moment, we will spend a week on an individual parable, listening to it and wrestling with it. What is God revealing to our heart? What word, image, character, human trait, or human condition leaps off the page at us? What stays with us throughout the week?

God desires a close and deep connection to us and desires us to grow and change so we can bring about God’s love here on earth—to move us out of our complacency into a dynamic, thriving, abundant wholeness for ourselves and for others—indeed, for the entire world.

Who knows what new and wonderful things God can do with us?

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