Becoming one annual conference

When Annual Conference convenes on June 5, it will meet on the 50th anniversary of the last sessions of the 1866 and 1785 conferences and of the convening of the new South Carolina Annual Conference. By Dr. Phillip Stone.

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Sunflowers for Ukraine

Some people pray for the crisis in Ukraine, some send money, while some are on the front lines supplying food, water and medical supplies. But for a group of people at Brookland United Methodist Church in West Columbia, their way to help involves art. By Jessica Brodie.

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Care, not just ‘dominion’

Being stewards mean sometimes being uncomfortable so nature can win. It might mean paying more money or shelling out more tax dollars or even passing expensive legislation that prioritizes the land over reckless consumption. It means love and proper, respectful care, not just “dominion.” By Jessica Brodie.


Never alone

As we prepare for the 2022 Annual Conference, I ask for your prayers that great and marvelous things will happen through the Holy Spirit who guides and sustains us. By Bishop L. Jonathan Holston.



A reflection on discerning when "more" is the answer. By Jessica Brodie.

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Betrayed With a Kiss

The story of how one S.C. United Methodist pastor, the Chrisie Reeves-Pendergrass, found God and spiritual transformation out of the heartbreak and trauma of an abusive marriage and other mental anguish.

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