Apportionment payments begin ramping up as 2022 winds to a close

By Lillian D. Williams

As the South Carolina Conference gears up for the close of another budget year, conference financial leaders are hoping to achieve as close to the budgeted goal of $16.7 million as possible.

By Sept. 30, the South Carolina Conference Treasurer’s Office received about $9.8 million of the total budgeted for 2022, or about 58.8 percent. In comparison, last year at this time we had received $10.4 million of the $17.3 million budgeted for last year, or 60.22 percent.

While the numbers are lower this year than last year, all are hopeful the ultimate goal—100 percent in apportioned giving—is achieved.

Of the 958 churches in the South Carolina Conference that are asked to pay apportionments, 170 have paid nothing toward their apportionments as of Sept. 30. However, 233 have paid 100 percent or more.

Among the districts, the Walterboro District had the highest percentage of its apportionments paid as of Sept. 30, at 69.3 percent. Greenville had the lowest at 51.2 percent.

As the year approaches a close, there is still time to pay apportionments.

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