Apportionments on track, says UMCSC treasurer

By Jessica Brodie

As 2018 edges to a close, churches across the conference are gathering final funds to pay their 2018 apportionments for The United Methodist Church.

As of Oct. 31 financials, numbers were on track for the conference to bring in about the same as it did last year, said Beth Westbury, conference treasurer and director of administrative services.

“We are tracking very closely to where we were as of Oct. 31 last year,” Westbury said. “I think we will end the year very close to last year’s 92 percent, which is also how we ended 2016.”

As of Oct. 31, churches have paid 67.19 percent ($11.9 million) of the $17.7 million budgeted goal. Last year as of Oct. 31, churches had paid 67.86 percent ($11.9 million) of the $17.5 million goal.

The Walterboro District was leading the conference’s districts in percentage paid as of Oct. 31 with 78.86 percent.

Of the 977 UMCs in the conference, 255 had already paid 100 percent of their apportionments; 129 had paid none.

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