Apportionments still on track for 94 percent

By Jessica Brodie

As South Carolina gears up for the close of 2017, conference financial leaders say numbers are looking good and they continue to be optimistic about reaching this year’s 94 percent apportionments goal.

According to Conference Treasurer Beth Westbury, the current collection percentage as of Nov. 13 is 70.9 percent, or $12.4 million of the $17.5 million goal (compared to 67.7 percent, or $11.9 million, on that date last year).

“We need $4,050,065 by Jan. 16 to meet this goal,” Westbury said. “When you consider that we collected $4,272,400 between Nov. 13 of last year and the due date for 2016 apportionments, you can see that we have the momentum to reach the 94 percent goal.”

Also looking promising, Westbury said, is that the number of churches having already paid 100 percent apportionments is 299 compared to 264 at this time last year.

Apportionments support a variety of missions and ministries of the South Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church, from congregational development and pastor salaries to campus ministries, retirement homes, camps and youth programming.

Churches must have their final 2017 payment in the treasurer’s office by 4 p.m. Jan. 16 (if the church is paying electronically, the payment must be initiated by 3 p.m. Eastern time Jan. 12.

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