UMCSC offers online learning opportunity to build thriving hybrid worship

While the pandemic may be winding down, the need for hybrid ministry will remain into the future. Many churches began streaming worship in 2020, living into a “Great Commission” opportunity. Today, they embrace a both/and approach when engaging in weekly worship and ministry in general, utilizing both in-person and online strategies and opportunities.

Now the South Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church is offering local churches a BOTH/AND cohort online learning opportunity.

The learning opportunity is designed to help churches take their hybrid ministry to the next level, make it possible for people everywhere to fully worship and discover how online worship can attract people to in-person worship as well.

Over the course of six months—July-November 2023—participants will have the opportunity to learn alongside Jason Moore, who has pioneered work in collaborative worship design and guest readiness, and Dr. George Ashford, lead pastor of Journey United Methodist Church in Columbia and hybrid ministry practitioner.

Churches will be grouped with others to learn the ins, outs, best practices and best language, including what not to do when it comes to hybrid ministry.

Each session will tackle a specific aspect of worship, and will ultimately cover, among other strategies:

• Why to continue hybrid ministry;

• How to make it more engaging with specific techniques;

• How to build a discipleship pathway; and

• How to measure attendance.

Churches will also get a one-on-one “secret worshiper” consultation with Jason Moore. In a 90-minute Zoom session, he will both affirm and offer critique on a church’s worship experience. This conversation will focus on the opportunities to reach people at a deeper level both online and in-person.

In the fall, cohort participants will come together for an in-person BOTH/AND learning lab at Journey UMC. This time of fellowship and hands-on learning will further equip the church, while also providing the chance to meet the cohort and cohort leaders.

Total cost is $1,050 per church with payment plans available. Registration deadline is June 15.

To learn more, visit

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