Cumberland embraces technology in new ways

Photo courtesy of Rev. Martin Quick

FLORENCE, SC—COVID-19 has forced many organizations to pivot their strategies and adapt to a new normal. As part of this, Cumberland United Methodist Church has embraced digital evangelism (called e-vangelism) to connect with members and reach others online during the pandemic.

Initially hesitant about digital evangelism, the church used conference calls to conduct church business during the pandemic. However, through social media and Zoom, Cumberland discovered new ways to reach its community, including Bible study on different platforms.

Lillian T. Adams, a 93-year-old member, taught Sunday school for decades; in fact, the church named her class the Lillian T. Adams Bible Study class after her. During the pandemic, the class met every Saturday at 4 p.m. and averaged eight attendees weekly.

Recently, the class decided to return to having Sunday school in the church and adopted a hybrid model for in-person and online to ensure everyone was included and to attract more people. Cumberland’s embrace of digital evangelism enabled them to connect with people of all ages, including those previously unable to participate in in-person services. The church found new ways to reach its community, and its members are excited about the possibilities of e-vangelism.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic, Cumberland remains committed to the church’s mission of spreading the word of God. The church adapted to new technologies like Zoom, continuing to serve its community during these difficult times.

According to pastor the Rev. Martin Quick, the church’s digital ministry has been a game changer, enabling the church to connect with people who may not have attended in-person services.

“We have seen an increase in attendance and engagement since launching our digital ministry,” Quick said. “It has allowed us to connect with people who may not have stepped foot in our church otherwise.”

Other local churches have contacted Cumberland to learn from their innovative approach.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to share our experiences and help other churches embrace digital evangelism,” Quick added.

As the pandemic’s impact lessens, Cumberland continues to lead the way in bringing people together and providing hope and guidance to those who need it most, both online and in person.

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