Epworth helps in Africa

Fairfield Outreach and Sponsors Association and Epworth Children’s Home are collaborating to serve the children of Fairfield Children’s Home and the students and clients of Old Mutare Mission in Zimbabwe, Africa.

The Rev. John Holler, Epworth’s president emeritus and FOSA board member, reports that great progress is being made in missional activity at Old Mutare in spite of the crippling inflation and high unemployment that plague the nation of Zimbabwe.

Both Epworth and FOSA have significant stakes in the life-changing activities that take place at Old Mutare.

Epworth adopted Fairfield as a sister children’s home in 2001 after a mission team from Trenholm Road UMC spent 10 days working there and witnessing the great needs of the children. Epworth, during the “Every Child is a Miracle” financial campaign, pledged to tithe 10 percent of the total raised to help support God’s work at Fairfield and Old Mutare. FOSA has for many years worked to strengthen and sustain Fairfield and the associated mission at the school, church and hospital at Old Mutare.

For FOSA, providing a safe nurturing environment for Zimbabwean children to live and grow into productive adults is paramount. This organization strives to present every child at Fairfield with the means to accomplish his or her dreams.

Rev. Holler reports that the need is great, but the work is most rewarding.

At the annual retreat in September, the FOSA board approved a document to create a permanent endowment and also receive its initial contributions for the endowment. The board also approved the purchase of a midsize tractor that will be used by Fairfield and by Africa University, which is located on the same tract of land, to prepare fields for planting for both institutions.

The FOSA board has also authorized a grant application and evaluation process for the institutions to access funds for high needs projects. The initial emphasis will be on cottage upgrades and roof repair on residential cottages, and educational enhancements for youth who are on the college and career tracks at Fairfield. Part of the work is the strengthening of ties between the schools at Old Mutare and Africa University.

Dr. Jim Salley and the new Vice Chancellor, the Rev. Dr. Peter Mageto, are aiding in this initiative.

FOSA is seeking additional sponsors to help support the cost of the room, board and educational needs of the children and families at Fairfield Children’s Home. Sustainability is at the core of both Epworth and Fairfield Children’s Homes in order to grant the children and families who are served at these institutions the gift of opportunity.

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