God's will, not our own

By Jessica Connor

We’ve been seeing campaign literature lately from people who want to be elected as a General Conference delegate, and we applaud their willingness to go and serve this great United Methodist Church. It’s a huge responsibility, and one we know they don’t take lightly.

We’ve also been hearing that, this year, some people want to know precisely where the candidates stand on Issue X or Issue Y before they’ll even consider voting them in as a delegate. (No moderate or “wishy washy” points of view for them, thank you very much.)

But let’s all beware any strong, unwavering personal standpoints. Remember that when delegates go to General, or Jurisdictional, Conference, they shouldn’t be voting their own agendas at all. They should be voting from a well of deep spirituality, voting in a way that reflects what God wants – and what will help make the most disciples for the Kingdom.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter where a candidate stands today on any issue so long as, when the time comes, they are willing to cast their own spirit aside and let the Holy Spirit work through them.

With all due respect to the fine men and women who comprise this Annual Conference, none of us has a “correct” point of view on our own. We’re all sinners, and we take our deep flaws with us when we go to do Christ’s work for the United Methodist Church in Tampa, Fla., or at Lake Junaluska. Only God’s view is the right one.

How would Jesus vote? What would He do? Would He be making promises to “stand firm” on the issues?

We at the Advocate feel certain He would promise only to heed the will of the Father, the only one who matters in all of this.

And so, when it comes time to electing delegates, we pray you will elect people who are promising to vote not their own agenda, not their own convictions, not the way they think is right, but with a heart that is fully open to what God is calling them to do.

Elect delegates who will do God’s will, not their own.

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