Healing Guatemala welcomes first birth, new pharmacy, more

Much is happening through Healing Guatemala, a medical mission in Guatemala supported by the Columbia District and many in The United Methodist Church.

Healing Guatemala’s Bethesda Clinic witnessed the very first birth of a baby on Feb. 1. Its obstetrician, Dr. Pablo, and his team performed a cesarean section and delivered a baby! The newborn baby, Carlitos, and his mom did well. Bethesda shared the joy by preparing a gift of a crib-sized quilted baby blanket.

“When I held Carlitos, I prayed for him to be the joy of the Lord in this world throughout his life,” said Dr. Luke Rhyee, a South Carolina elder who founded Healing Guatemala. “Also, I could feel how much the Lord is joyful with the ministries of Bethesda which is bringing his healing to his people. Please continue to pray for Carlitos, his mom and Bethesda to be the very place of the healing of the Lord. 

Secondly, Pharmacy Bethesda began to attend to customers. Pharmacy Bethesda is located in front of Hospital Bethesda where there is a busy road with traffic. The customers of Pharmacy Bethesda will be the patients who are visiting Hospital Bethesda and others from the surrounding area. Pharmacy Bethesda is providing medicine less expensively than most of the pharmacies in the Xela area, which will help those who have a lack of resources. Pharmacist Nancy helped Pharmacy Bethesda to get a permit with her license, and Yulisa is attending now. 

In January, Bethesda Ophthalmology Clinic started attending to patients from Monday through Friday. Galileo University and IPC in Guatemala agree to work with Bethesda by sending their ophthalmology residents. The first ophthalmology resident is Dr. Erick. Starting in February, Dr. Itzche will attend those patients. Alongside the consultations of the residents, Dr. Marco, the ophthalmologist, is going to keep attending patients and performing surgeries. Bethesda is providing ophthalmologic attention at a 50 percent lower rate than other private clinics.

Finally, Healing Guatemala fulfilled its “A New House for a Weaver’s Family” project right before Christmas. This project built a new house for a poor family in Tierra Blanca whose main job was weaving. Dr. Sam Kim generously donated seed money. Pastor Oseas and Bethel Church led the project at the site.

“It was such a joy to see the bright smile of the Lord on the faces of Sister Ana and Brother Nicaxio whose characters are a bit introverted,” Rhyee said. “Thanks to all those who participated in the project. All glory be to the Lord.” 

For questions about donations or how to help Healing Guatemala, email Rhyee at [email protected], or write Healing Guatemala, P.O. Box 1835, Duluth, GA 30096.

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