Dr. Anthony Hodge releases second book: ‘Can You Get Better? Sure, You Can’

After the success of his first book, Rock Hill District Superintendent Dr. Anthony Hodge has just released his second book, also geared toward creating positive change in one’s life.

Titled “Can You Get Better? Sure, You Can! 14 Approaches Guaranteed To Help You Become A Better You,” Hodge’s book is billed as a powerful self-help book for individuals who are already experiencing and are ready for a positive change in their lives on an ongoing basis.

His first book, “A Better You: Christian Life Beyond Negative Thinking,” was published in 2022.

The target audience for the new book include people who are looking to become more optimistic and are open or looking to establish a strong relationship with a higher power.

“In order for your life to get better, you are personally going to play a vital role in helping it get better,” Hodge said. “So you realize that you need to start doing things differently and open yourself to new experiences. You also realize that in order for you to achieve your true potential, you may have to change your relationships and acknowledge that you, as an individual, are worth making changes to so you can achieve greatness in life, which is just a few steps away. If this is all you, then this book is exactly what you need to make those strides and reform yourself in all three forms: physical, mental and spiritual.”

The book invites readers to work on themselves, and the author encourages readers to see themselves as their biggest investment, which is worth investing in. The book is a medium by which readers can embrace upcoming change.

Reviewer Tambry Harris said about the book, “The Reverend Dr. Anthony Hodge wants the best for you. His heart and spirit shine through his encouragement in every section of this book. You are given hope for a better life and are able to see what is possible. As you read through the book, you will hear Anthony’s voice talking to you as a friend over coffee, inspiring you to invest in yourself and the person you were created to become: You are worth this effort to reach your maximum potential in all aspects of your life: mind, body and spirit. You are capable of transformation using intentional steps tailored to your growth style. If your learning style is visual, there are visualization activities. If your style is auditory, you are encouraged to listen to a related video or podcast. For kinesthetic learners, you are encouraged to do a specific physical activity. Other times, you are encouraged to read or write something down to process the idea more deeply. If you want to intentionally focus on your mind, body, and spirit, utilize probing questions to consider which actions you need to take to create your own personal growth plan and commit to actions tailored to moving toward a better you, the best you, you are in the right place.”

The Rev. Sharon Spann Gamble, who serves as pastor for the New Hope-St. Paul Charge in the Walterboro District, said she appreciates the practicality of the steps Hodge offers.

“Indeed, the steps and approaches Dr. Hodge outlines serve as great resources and tools I have utilized during my spiritual formation and spiritual direction practices,” Spann Gamble said. “Prayer is important and vital. All of us at different stages in our lives and our spiritual journey can benefit by engaging in these practices. As indicated, we need to be intentional, removing distractions and focusing only on our rhythm of worship. This allows us to embrace God for opportunities that show his glory. The questions in the book promote positive thinking while focusing on God as we cultivate/nurture our thoughts and actions as we deem to draw nearer to knowing Christ.”

She said she especially embraced where readers are asked to “record praying.”

“I have recorded myself (rarely) while practicing a sermon,” Spann Gamble said. However, I have never thought of recording my prayers. Writing down my prayers days/months later is a testimony to God’s active grace when prayers are answered. If we want to seek revelation, there must be personal application, following the steps as outlined as we embrace being a doer of God’s word.”

In addition to serving as the district superintendent of the Rock Hill District of the South Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church, Hodge is a retired U.S. Navy Chaplain and a certified spiritual director. He and his wife, Dr. Sheila Elliott Hodge, are active UMC clergy. He is an advocate for personal transformation. The book can be found on Amazon at

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