Jericho Walk brings church together in prayer, spirit, health

NESMITH—Friendship-Nesmith United Methodist Church has a new mantra: “Friendship United Methodist Church, where friendship has a new meaning. Faith, hope and love, but the greatest we share is love.” Saturday, Jan. 7, was an indication of the amount of love shown by members and well wishers from other churches and communities based on the vast number of people who showed up.

The Prayer and Health and Welfare ministries came together upon a recommendation from the pastor, the Rev. E.W. Frierson, to promote a healthy lifestyle both physically and spiritually by walking around the church seven times symbolizing the “Jericho Walk,” an intentional God-led prayer walk in honor of the Israelites’ walk in Joshua 6:15.

The goals of the walk included unleashing the power of the Lord and lifting up the name of Jesus, strengthening relationships and growing together as a church and community.

The community of Nesmith has a long rich history of faith, hope, love and lots of prayer when it came to education, for example. Education was at the forefront. As a result, a Rosenwald school was built to accommodate the African-American students in the community through much prayer. Even though the Rosenwald schools are no longer in existence, the remnants are still prevalent through the evidence of prayer.

 “I thank God for the Jericho Walk with family and friends. It was awesome in Christ Jesus,” said Kisha Graham Pressley, a member of the church.

“As we walked, we prayed, not complaining about our problems,” the Rev. Frierson said.

The morning began with all members and friends joining hands in a circle. Sammie Pressley, chairperson of the prayer ministry, opened with a devotion, followed by prayers of Thanksgiving and concerns for the new year from each person assembled.

Frierson offered a prayer before the walk began. Many said they loved seeing the older adults enjoying the fellowship, even though some were not able to walk the entire time.

When the walk was over, everyone gathered in the vestibule to wonderful treats provided by the church’s United Women of Faith.

There were many who commented the following Sunday about how powerful the event was, leaving no doubt about the power of God.

“The Jericho Walk represents growing opportunities for us in our relationship with the Lord,” Frierson concluded. “God already knows that we can overcome obstacles in his strength. But one thing is for sure: God never puts a wall of Jericho in our life to defeat us.”

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