Methodist woman’s ‘Merry Mouse’ book series helps teach kids about Jesus

By Jessica Brodie

GREER—An 80-year-old great-grandmother in the Upstate has published her third children’s book, and she’s hoping this newest story of Merry Mouse will help children understand the meaning behind Easter.

“I want to touch little children’s lives,” said Patricia Galbreath, whose book “Merry Mouse: Easter In Our Father's House” released in February. “I know parents are busy—mothers work, fathers work, and not everyone makes time to go to church. But my hope is by reading these, a child can maybe learn about Jesus, learn who he is and why were are created.”

While today Galbreath is a member of Victor United Methodist Church, Greer, where her daughter the Rev. Debbie Pisor is pastor, Galbreath grew up on a 47-acre farm in Western Pennsylvania.

“I’m a country kid, and my faith started out there in a country church,” Galbreath said, sharing how her early lessons of God's people helping and caring for each other amid beautiful creation built the foundation for her faith.

Later she taught Sunday school and vacation Bible school, where she discovered her passion for teaching children about Jesus.

One day when she still lived in Pennsylvania, the idea for Merry Mouse—a humble mouse who begins to learn about Jesus—came to mind.

“I cannot tell you where the idea came from, but it was something that came running around in my head to start writing about this, so I went to my pastor and said, ‘I would love to write these sorts of books,’” Galbreath said.

“He told me, ‘You know, how about you write some stories for the church newsletter every month and go from there?’”

She did that for 12 years and honed her writing skills. Finally, in 2015 she published “Merry Mouse In Our Father’s House,” a story about a mouse who goes for a walk on a cold, snowy day and finds himself in a big church, where he soon learns about God, Jesus and what church is all about.

In her next book, “Merry Mouse: Christmas in Our Father's House,” Merry learns the true meaning of Christmas.

In her newest book, Merry goes to church on Palm Sunday, receives a palm branch and soon learns the full story of Easter—and how Jesus loved us so much he died for our sins.

Galbreath said she wants every child to know Jesus and how much God loves us all, and that is why she writes.

Galbreath has several more books in her mind and is currently working on a new Merry Mouse book—that is, when she is isn’t working at Northside Auto Sales in Greer, where she is employed almost daily.

“It’s written in the Bible that God knows you—he knew you in the womb and even before you were ever conceived,” she said.

“This isn’t for me—these books are for God and for his children.”

The Merry Mouse series can be found on Amazon, or visit Galbreath said if anyone is interested in a church-wide discount on books in bulk to provide for children during Lent or other seasons, they are welcome to call her at 864-920-8237.

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