Victor member releases new ‘Merry Mouse’ children’s book on grief

By Jessica Brodie

GREER—One United Methodist in Greer has released her latest children’s book in her “Merry Mouse” series, “Merry Mouse, Grief and Loss.”

Patricia Galbreath, 81, who attends Victor United Methodist Church, Greer, wrote the book with her grandson, Pastor Mark Galbreath.

“This book is dedicated to my second child, Little Eddie, who went to heaven when in was 3 years and 4 months old,” Galbreath said.

Merry Mouse has lived in the church for some time now. He has learned to much about Jesus, and has come to trust in him. But now Papa is very sick. Is Jesus going to heal Papa if Merry Mouse asks. Join Merry Mouse on his journey of learning what it means to have

comfort and hope in Jesus during times of grief and loss.

Another grandson, Brian, and his wife, Wendy, gifted her with a revision of her first two books through her new illustrator, Dave O'Connell.

“The words are the same, just the illustrations have been revised, so that there is a continuation of the same style of illustrations,” she said. “That was a gift for my 81st birthday—a big surprise and lots of happy tears.”

Churches invite me to come and share my faith journey at luncheons for their grandparents and great grandparents and all senior members of their church.

Galbreath started writing when she was 60 years old. She often speaks to churches about her books and her faith journey.

To learn more, visit or call 864-920-8237.

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