New ‘call stories’ book available from Advocate Press

The newest book from the Advocate Press has launched just in time for the holidays.

“Called By God: 30 Inspiring Call Stories from South Carolina United Methodists” features tales from pastors and a few other church leaders revealing how they were nudged, called, urged or otherwise invited into the ministry—and how they ultimately said “yes.”

The 30 men and women in the book are of different ages, races and genders. Sometimes their stories are humorous; other times they are rooted in tragedy.

“Their stories are so different, yet each one poignant, intimate, and surprisingly similar—God called. And one by one, each of the men and women in this book answered: ‘Yes, God, I will be your minister,’” said Jessica Brodie, Advocate editor, as well as editor of the book. “Sometimes their answer came immediately, and other times it came after half a lifetime spent running in the opposite direction. Sometimes God spoke through a whisper, another person or a series of mysterious, painstaking, against-all-odds circumstances. But whatever way the call came, God met each one of these people and called them to the ministry, and they said yes.”

The book contains call stories from the following: The Rev. Darlene Kelley, the Rev. Yu Fong Chong, Dr. Anthony Hodge, the Rev. Cynthia Muncie, the Rev. Angela Ford Nelson, Dr. Mark E. Thompson, the Rev. Jane Jenkins, the Rev. Carleathea M. Benson, the Rev. David Graham, the Rev. Meredith Dark, the Rev. Amiri B. Hooker, the Rev. Wayne Major, the Rev. Narcie Jeter, the Rev. Weston Pendergrass, the Rev. Hillary Taylor, the Rev. Marvin Ira Lare, the Rev. Alice L. Deal, the Rev. DeVere Williams, the Rev. Linda B. Dunn, the Rev. Daniel Eplee, the Rev. Katherine Haselden Crimm, the Rev. Randall Haase, the Rev. Michael Goldston, the Rev. James McDowell, the Rev. Robbie V. Hall, Debbie Watford, the Rev. James Rush, the Rev. Scottie Bramlett, the Rev. Michael Walker and LaSandra S. Grimsley.

“Our hope is that these stories of God at work in the lives of ordinary people will inspire you and help you consider your own call to serve God,” Brodie said.

“Called by God” is on sale now and available as a paperback ($12) and eBook ($5).

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