No group health screening in 2020 for conference’s insured

By Jessica Brodie

It’s a familiar sight at Annual Conference: that corner of the convention center outfitted with medical staff and other equipment to offer the yearly health screening for clergy and lay employees covered by conference insurance.

This year, however, no group health screening will be offered.

Because of the pandemic, Wespath is steering all people directly to Quest Diagnostics facilities across the state to do their health screenings individually, said the Rev. Christopher M. Lollis, conference Pensions & Benefits director.

“We weren’t able to provide a group screening due to COVID-19,” Lollis explained. “However, Wespath has extended the deadlines for the Blueprint for Wellness and Health Quotient through Sept. 30.”

Those with conference insurance must pre-register to take their Blueprint for Wellness screening and avoid out-of-pocket costs. Register online at (go to HealthFlex/WebMD and select Quest Blueprint for Wellness from the gray bar), or call 1-855-623-9355.

Taking the Blueprint for Wellness screening is recommended both to help individuals get the bloodwork they need as well as earn $100 in PulseCash incentives. The deadline is Sept. 30.

Lollis said they plan to offer a group screening at the 2021 Annual Conference.

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