UMCSC treasurer releases video explaining 2025 apportionment rebate

Funds from 2023 separating churches will help offset what churches need to contribute to their apportionments in 2025 and in future years until the funds run out.

Conference leaders are calling this an “apportionment rebate,” and the amount for 2025 will be $800,000.

Of the $17.5 million conference trustees received from 2023 separating churches, the trustees granted $2.4 million to the Conference Council on Finance and Administration to reduce the apportionment burden to the remaining churches.

According to Conference Treasurer Beth Westbury, a portion of these funds is being used to reduce 2025 apportionments paid by the local churches by $800,000.

CF&A intends to reduce apportionments in future years by supplying a similar rebate until the funds are depleted.

To watch a three-minute video from Westbury explaining the apportionment rebate or to learn more about how this rebate will look on a church’s apportionment request, visit

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