Resolutions to Annual Conference due March 15

By the Rev. Steve Simoneaux

Are you thinking about submitting a resolution for the South Carolina Annual Conference in June?

All resolutions must be turned in no later than March 15 to be considered by this year’s annual conference.

I’ve had the privilege of chairing the Committee on Resolutions and Appeals for the past eight years. While some years have been easier than others, one thing I’ve learned is that we have passionate lay members and clergy within our great conference. For those who feel led to turn that passion into resolutions, I lift up a few reminders as we approach the March 15 deadline.

The Committee on Resolutions and Appeals to the Annual Conference is governed by Standing Rule 70 of the annual conference. I encourage you to read over the entire rule before submitting your resolution. Below are just a few highlights.

One, per SR 70, resolutions may only be submitted by “any clergy member(s), any elected lay member(s), or any organization affiliated with the annual conference.” Be careful who signs the resolution.

Two, per SR 70, “Resolutions delivered to the conference secretary no later than March 15 of each conference year shall be published in the Pre-Conference Journal.” Any resolutions received after the deadline will be referred to the following year’s conference. Please get your resolutions submitted on time to the conference secretary.

Three, per SR 70, “The committee shall act on the resolution as offered and shall not offer its own amendments.” Please note that the committee cannot be responsible for editing or amending your resolutions. We are charged to act on exactly what is presented to us.

New to resolutions? There are several online resources that will help you format all of your “Whereas” and “Therefore be resolved” statements. If you have specific questions please reach out to me via email at [email protected]. Be sure to get those resolutions submitted to the conference secretary at [email protected] by March 15.

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