Bethel UMC starts new rock missionary ministry

Capitalizing on worshiping adjacent to the 400-acre Peachtree Rock Nature Reserve, a witness group at Bethel United Methodist Church at Peachtree Rock has initiated a “Rock Missionary Ministry.”

Using God-made rocks as the messenger, the community is being invited to share God’s love at the church situated just a short hike away from Peachtree Rock, a well-known attraction for families and nature enthusiasts.

Each rock (the flatter is better) is spray-painted white, then decorated in a variety of ways. The rocks always including an invitation to experience the Bethel worship service.

The rocks are then scattered throughout the community in expected and unexpected places. They are placed on a bench, a wall, a window sill, etc.

People reach for them because of their beauty and uniqueness, then are reminded that someone loves them and wants to make them a closer friend of Jesus.

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