S.C. Conference treasurer leaving to be Florida's treasurer

S.C. Conference treasurer Tony Prestipino is stepping down.

In a release from the Rev. David C. Surrett, president of the conference Council on Finance and Administration, Surrett said, “It is with great sadness that I announce Tony Prestipino will be leaving the South Carolina Annual Conference to become the treasurer and director of administrative services for the Florida Annual Conference headquartered in Lakeland, Fla. It is anticipated that this resignation will not be effective until the close of the Annual Conference session next June in Florence.”

Surrett said CF&A is finalizing a tentative timetable and process for the hiring of a new treasurer. The Executive Committee has asked John Redmond, chair of the Operations and Personnel Committee of CF&A, along with his group to serve as the Search Committee.

“I cannot state with enough emphasis the quality of the ministry of Tony Prestipino for the last five years,” Surrett said. “He has brought our accounting procedures, administrative structures and other related processes into a far more transparent and helpful status. During these years, we have new updated financial, income and spending statements, a new auditing firm and process, better control of all properties and risk management and an open availability to assist local congregations and their officers to more effectively handle their finances and administrative needs to name a few accomplishments.”

There will be a luncheon held in the Prestipinos' honor later in the spring.

“Let us rejoice in this significant advancement for Tony and in equal prayer for the needs and ministry of the South Carolina Annual Conference,” Surrett added.

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