S.C. ERT to equip new trailers to help after disasters

Since 2004, South Carolina’s Early Response Teams have responded to countless disasters throughout the state and the Southeast, from tornados and hurricanes to ice storms and floods.

These professional and rapid responses to disasters require the ERT to maintain good quality response trailers and equipment.

Recently, several of the ERT’s trailers and equipment were in dire need of replacement and upgrading.

Between United Methodist Volunteers in Missions and ERT funds, the ERT was able to come up with $48,000 to purchase three heavy-duty ERT trailers. They will replace three of the old ERT trailers with these new ones, then place two of the old trailers in new locations in the state.

The new trailers will be used throughout South Carolina and will be the first ones to respond to disasters throughout the Southeast because of their heavy-duty construction.

Now, the ERT is calling on South Carolina United Methodists for help equipping two of these new ERT trailers with disaster supplies at a cost of $20,000 each trailer, for a total of $40,000.

Supplies per trailer include five chainsaws at a cost of $750 each, pole saws at $700 each, generators at $1,000 each, chainsaw-related equipment, protective equipment, power blowers, various power tool sets, air tools, ladders, tarping material and associated supplies, Shopvacs, supplies for floods including dehumidifiers and specialized fans, a tool chest with mechanical and various tools, meters, fuel storage, advanced first aid kits and supplies, Scripture and care items for survivors, and a wide variety of specialty and miscellaneous tools and supplies.

Donations are accepted through or by mail at United Methodist Conference Center, 4908 Colonial Drive, Columbia, SC 29203. Earmark donations “ERT.”

“We ask for your continuous prayers, service as volunteers and donations so we can continue to be God’s hands and feet to survivors of disasters even in the midst of this COVID pandemic,” said Billy Robinson, ERT coordinator.

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