Salkehatchie returns

With great smiles on their faces, hammers in hand and God in their hearts, Salkehatchie Summer Service campers returned to repairing houses after a two-year hiatus because of COVID-19. All 318 campers were vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, and thankfully, no COVID  outbreaks occurred. Campers were eager to work on 33 homes in 11 camps across the state.  Roofs and ramps were the majority of work projects. 

“I call them the Mighty Eleven because their passion to be God’s hands and feet outweighed the obstacles they faced,” Salkehatchie Board Chair Kathy Hart said. 

Hart reported that at the last board meeting, the Salkehatchie Board of Managers voted to remove the COVID-19 vaccination requirement for 2023. Therefore, she said, they expect more camps will reopen next year.

“Before COVID-19, our typical number of campers was 2,500-3,000, working in approximately 45-49 camps.  We anticipate a handful of new camps opening in 2023, as well,” Hart said. “The board will still recommend precautions against the deadly virus in all Salkehatchie camp settings, but campers and their families will have to make their own decisions about vaccinations.”   

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