SEJ Black Methodist for Church Renewal meets in Charlotte

By the Rev. Kevin “Rev Kev” Kosh Jr.

The Southeastern Jurisdiction Black Methodist for Church Renewal gathered for its 54th annual meeting in Charlotte Oct. 25-28.

The theme was “Knowing Our Psalms, to Fuel Our Passion, to Work Our Plan,” drawing from Jeremiah 29:11. The SEJ-BMCR gathering focused on how during the transition and uncertainty of The United Methodist Church because of disaffiliation, the Black church can still boldly proclaim that there still is hope and a future.

Gammon Theological Seminary had the incredible opportunity to be a part of this year’s BMCR conference. Attendees left the conference inspired and filled with hope for the future of the Black church.

The conference featured powerful worship sessions that moved hearts and souls and created an atmosphere of spiritual renewal and connection. Through passionate preaching and heartfelt prayers, participants were reminded of the rich heritage and resilience of the Black church, stirring a renewed sense of purpose and devotion.

The conference was not just about worship but about putting faith in action and being affirmed that our time under God is now. This year’s SEJBMCR conference also sparked rich dialogue and discussions on important social justice issues that the Black church faces today.

Thought-provoking workshops and panel discussions delved into racial equality, economic empowerment, criminal reform, community development, mental health and maternal health. Participants engaged in meaningful conversations, sharing their experiences, perspectives and ideas for creating positive change within their churches and communities.

The conference infused a renewed sense of mission and commitment to pursuing justice, equality and compassion, empowering attendees to be catalysts for transformation in their respective congregations.

Many said it was empowering to see various Black Methodist organizations such as The Black College Fund, Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century and Gammon Theological Seminary all come together in a collaborative effort to create and support intergenerational leaders and prophetic problem solvers for the local church and beyond.

As the future of the UMC shifts, there is still hope.

Kosh is a Gammon alumnus and director and strategist for the National Network of Young Adults.

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