South Carolina re-votes on Amendment I

By Jessica Brodie

GREENVILLE—South Carolina United Methodists got the chance to re-vote June 5 on Constitutional Amendment I, one of five approved by the 2016 General Conference but that had to be ratified by annual conferences before inclusion in the Discipline.

While not amendable, the gender justice amendment was able to receive discussion in the form of three speeches for the amendment and three speeches against, but there was no discussion. Tellers distributed ballots to lay and full clergy members in the late afternoon, and the voting occurred within minutes.

Results will be released after all annual conferences have had the chance to vote on the correct amendment; some voting will not occur until 2019. A two-thirds majority is required for approval.

The re-vote was required because the version the denomination voted upon last year contained an error in the text by including a sentence that should have been omitted.

If passed, the amendment to the Discipline would read: “As the Holy Scripture reveals, both men and women are made in the image of God and, therefore, men and women are of equal value in the eyes of God. The United Methodist Church acknowledges the long history of discrimination against women and girls. The United Methodist Church shall confront and seek to eliminate discrimination against women and girls, whether in organizations or in individuals, in every facet of its life and in society at large. The United Methodist Church shall work collaboratively with others to address concerns that threaten the cause of women’s and girl’s equality and well-being.”

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