South Carolinians elected at GC2024

Above, Jackie Jenkins of the South Carolina delegation nominates someone for election during the 2024 United Methodist General Conference in Charlotte, N.C. Photo by Mike DuBose, UM News.

By Jessica Brodie

CHARLOTTE, N.C.—On Days Eight and Nine, General Conference elected more than 175 people to a variety of commissions and councils, including the Commission on the General Conference, the topic of heavy dialogue earlier in the week regarding youth representation.

Several from South Carolina were among those elected. The Rev. Susan Henry-Crowe, an elder from South Carolina, was elected to the Judicial Council and also named chair of that body. 

Other South Carolinians elected were Dr. Stephen Love to the General Council on Finance and Administration; Bishop L. Jonathan Holston to the General Commission on United Methodist Men; and South Carolina’s Dr. Robin Dease, now bishop of the North Georgia Conference, to the General Board of Church and Society.

In total, the body elected nine people plus alternates to the Judicial Council; four people to the University Senate, an elected body of professionals in higher education that evaluates United Methodist-related schools; 25 people to the Commission on the General Conference, including one youth member; ten people to serve on the board of trustees for the historic John Street United Methodist Church, New York, the oldest Methodist congregation in North America, founded on Oct. 12, 1766; 44 people to the Standing Committee on Central Conference Matters; and 83 people to a host of general boards and agencies.

It also elected a new secretary-designate of the General Conference, the Rev. Aleze M. Fulbright, an ordained elder who serves as a superintendent in the Indiana Conference of the UMC. 

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