Trinity raises funds for 11 more wells across the globe

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH—In 2016, Trinity United Methodist Church raised money to “dig” six wells in Peru, Ghana, India (two) and Thailand (two). In 2018, Trinity again decided to dig some wells and this time raised enough money for 11 wells.

Each well will provide thousands of people with fresh, clean drinking water. Also, as a result of the dedication services for the first 6 wells, 31 people came to know the Lord as their savior.

For the wells, Trinity again partnered with Widow’s Mite Experience. This is a nonprofit organization located in several areas around the country. They raise money to finance the digging of wells around the world, and 100 percent of money raised goes toward the well; all of their staff are volunteers.

The World Health Organization estimates that 80 percent of disease in the world is caused by a lack of safe drinking water. Every 8 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness. Many women spend half their day getting water for their families. They walk miles to get water and carry it back to their homes. This is dirty unsafe water, but it is water.

When Trinity’s members learned that for $1,800, they could dig a well that would help, they knew they needed to step up.

“God can do wonders with a willing church,” said Trinity’s Frank Autry.

For more information on Trinity’s efforts, call Autry at 843-685-1190.

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