Trinity UMC gets wheelchair ramp thanks to ‘labor of love’ by volunteers

By Billy Robinson

NORTH—On Friday, Nov. 15, volunteers gathered from across the state to build a special love project in the form of a wheelchair ramp for Trinity United Methodist Church in the Orangeburg District.

This was no ordinary project. It was inspired by Robert Jackson of Trinity UMC, who has been remodeling much of the interior at Trinity from major termite and water damage for more than one and a half years, doing the work basically by himself with some help from a Baptist pastor.

It started when former Orangeburg District Superintendent the Rev. Ron Petit and current District Superintendent the Rev. Frederick Yebuah contacted me about helping with a much-needed wheelchair ramp for the rural church. God soon placed Steve Yano of Grace UMC and myself at an ERT Disaster Training Event.

Yano heard me mention the project need, and he put a plan in action that found eight volunteers from various churches including Grace UMC, North Augusta; Millbrook Baptist Church, Aiken; North UMC, North; and Trinity UMC gathering to build the ramp on a cold, rainy and windy day.

The determined team pressed forward to complete the project regardless of the adverse weather conditions. The Orange Circuit Charge had raised funds for the project, and many people came together to make this God inspired project a reality including members of Trinity.

Including myself, construction team members were Robert Jackson, Robert Abshire, Steve Yano, Rev. Richard Toy, Alan and Josh Lawson and Bill West.

Though a ray of sunshine was nowhere to be found on this dreary day, the Christian volunteer spirit was alive and well and brought bright hope and warm love to a church family in need. Each volunteer also had their hearts warmed and fulfilled through serving and receiving God’s abundant love and fellowship.

Robinson is a member of North UMC, North, and is the South Carolina Early Response Team coordinator.

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