Upstate Methodist releases seventh book on Bible trivia

By Laura Camby McCaskill

SPARTANBURG—One United Methodist in the Upstate, Wilson Casey, is fusing his love for trivia and the Bible with his skills as a writer.

Casey, a member of Trinity United Methodist Church, Spartanburg, has just published the seventh addition to his line of popular Bible trivia books, “Test Your Bible Knowledge: 1,206 Questions to Sharpen Your Understanding of Scripture.” (Skyhorse Publishing, NYC). The book aims to test readers on what they know and what they think they know. Exclusively using the Bible’s King James Version, each page contains both six questions and answers, so readers do not have to flip to the back and lose their place. It also provides references to the Scripture where they can find their answer, plus room to keep score (if desired).

His first trivia book was published in 2008, but Casey started long before that.

With a career ranging from being a footwear designer to being an on-air radio personality for 22 years to having his own mailing list business to teaching, Casey has always loved trivia.

At the school where he taught, Casey said, “The principal and I would test each other on trivia. I loved it.”

And his audience loved trivia, too. On his radio show, he said, “Callers would fight the lines to get in because of that.”

In 2000, while working as a radio personality, Casey decided to try his hand at writing trivia for the local newspaper, The Spartanburg Herald-Journal. He began writing a trivia column with six questions a day, seven days a week. One Sunday, his trivia column consisted of Bible trivia.

Over the years, his column has expanded from one newspaper to 594 newspapers. One million+ readers a day now read the column, which celebrates its 18th consecutive year this year.

Casey’s Bible trivia books are also a big hit.

When asked the secret of his trivia books, he said, “I have made a living off of not stumping people. That turns people off. It has to be enjoyable and fun. If I can trigger (something within) someone with one of these Bible trivia questions and make someone want to know more about the Bible, then I consider it an honor.”

He has also written what he calls “a yard” of traditionally published books, ranging from Bible trivia to a-page-a-day calendars to a work titled, “Bedlam on the West Virginia Rails” about America’s last train robber who died in 2012 Spartanburg, which has aspirations to become a major motion picture.

The books are no quick feat, either.

“I log hours for research for each book,” Casey said. “I logged 714 hours of very enlightening research for ‘Test Your Bible Knowledge.’”

His most hours logged for his works was 1,200 and the least was 400.

If that wasn’t enough, Casey is also a Guinness Book Of World Records holder.

“In 1999 (during a radio broadcast) I identified the correct answers to 3,333 consecutive trivia questions,” Casey said. “It took 30 hours and 250 people to help me as event witnesses and stewards.”

Persons such as medical staff and others were also present, he said, and the record to this day has not been broken.

“There have been a handful of worldwide people that tried,” Casey said. “We’re going on the 20 year anniversary.”

Casey also regularly speaks and entertains at churches, civic groups, and conventions.

He said he believes God called him to write, and he credits his mother with fueling his spark by modeling the example.

“My mom wrote her entire life—poems, plays, short stories. She never tried to get them published; she did it for self-satisfaction. She was always on the porch writing and writing. I think of her instilling that (into me as well),” Casey said.

Casey’s next scheduled book signing appearance is Nov. 17 from 12-4 p.m. and Nov. 18 from 2- 6 p.m. at Barnes & Noble, Spartanburg.

For more on his work, go to Visitors can sign up to receive six trivia questions per day. You can also email him at [email protected]. His numerous books are available at Barnes & Noble, other fine shops, and online.

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