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A post-separation UMCSC: Now what?

Nearly two months after Annual Conference voted to allow 113 churches to separate from the South Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church, questions abound: Which pastors left? How much did the conference receive in funds? And what’s next? By Jessica Brodie.


Blessed beyond measure

Wynston Doe isn’t able to count his blessings—for him, there have been far too many. But even in the hardest of times, his father imprisoned and killed and his neighbors dying all around him, “Through it all, I learned to trust in Jesus.” By Jessica Brodie.


Annual Conference awards 2023 outstanding clergy and laity

Every year, the South Carolina Conference presents awards for a number of honors: the Bishop’s Five Star Award, the Denman Evangelism Award, the Barbara Boultinghouse Bridge Builder award, the Michael C. Watson Volunteer in Mission Award and the Joseph Benjamin Bethea Distinguished Service Award.

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