Hartsville Cooperative Parish pools gifts from four churches for collective good

Two years in, the ministry experiment is thriving, its leaders and members invigorated with the plethora of creative ways to reach and love others in the name of Jesus Christ. By Jessica Brodie.

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Apportionments for 2022 close at 89.22%

With its treasurer calling it a demonstration of “great faith” in a year filled with uncertainty, the South Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church closed its books with 89.22 percent of apportionments paid. By Jessica Brodie.

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A deeper connection

I am convinced the connection will remain strong regardless of the words “United Methodist” because our connection is rooted in Christ. Whatever those churches discerning disaffiliation decide, we’re all still part of the same Christian family. By Jessica Brodie.


One more thing

Through Christ, we can do and be so much more than what the world would lead us to believe. A column by Bishop L. Jonathan Holston.


Be the church—stop fighting about it

No matter what we choose, what church denomination we worship in, whether we call ourselves “United Methodist” or “Global Methodist” or “Baptist” or “Presbyterian,” at the end of the day, we have a far more important title: Child of God. And we have a far bigger responsibility that needs to be claiming our attention: going beyond ourselves to either tell people about Jesus or do good things in Jesus’s name. By Jessica Brodie.

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Prayer Changes Us

Many of us are accustomed to hearing how prayer changes God’s mind or life’s circumstances. But what about how prayer changes us? The Rev. Dr. Ted Goshorn teaches how we can learn to better understand the heart of God through deep, focused, habitual prayer that changes us.

The Sacred Year

The Rev. Dr. Lyn Pace explores how the Christian liturgical calendar can be another way for us to keep time—sacred time. Combining the major seasons of the liturgical year with contemplative practices that connect to that season, Lyn invites you to discover a new way to look at time that helps you live with deeper intention and connection.

Betrayed With a Kiss

The story of how one S.C. United Methodist pastor, the Chrisie Reeves-Pendergrass, found God and spiritual transformation out of the heartbreak and trauma of an abusive marriage and other mental anguish.

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